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Car, minibus, limousine, motorcycles, scooters and mountain bikes to Pantelleria, the island of Egadi known for its dammusi.

Car rental transfers to and from airport

Timely and accurate, we will be ready to welcome you upon your arrival and ready to take you back to your departure... not without smiling: SEE YOU SOON!

Lease and rental vehicles for beautiful hikes Pantelleria!

The so-called Black Pearl, the windy island, rich in history and natural resources all to turn and explore the heart of the Mediterranean.


Why choose Car Rental Consolo

We are at your disposal to make your stay as comfortable as possible in our beautiful island!

Book your excursion to Pantelleria with our minibus... before you do it and the price charged will be especially beneficial!!
Why choose Car Rental Consolo

Car Rental PantelleriaProfessional services.

Car rental Pantelleria has worked for years in the field of car, always offering the utmost professionalism, courtesy and means controlled and equipped with all amenities. We are a company of Pantelleria, in the province of Trapani, specialized in rental services of high quality.

Why choose Car Rental Consolo

Family ConsoloWe are at your service.

Our family Consolo has been trading for years and always offer high quality services and the media, working with the utmost courtesy and helpfulness.

Why choose Car Rental Consolo

Vehicles for every needWe have a wide choice of means.

We handle the rental of buses, minibuses, cars, scooters and mountain bikes, also organizing rentals with driver, with regard especially buses and minibuses. With us you can count on the experience and expertise of staff, able to propose suitable means to different needs.

The Fleet

It offers a large fleet of vehicles offering also a great choice of rental solutions. Always available, we organize the rental even more immediately, while still meeting your needs in full.

photos of some of our media and Pantelleria

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• Auto air conditioning
                             • Minibus
                             • Car with driver
                             • Cars for ceremonies
                             • Motorcycles
                             • Mountain Bike
                             • Gastronomic tours
                             • Tour archaeological
                             • Tour thermal
                             • Scenic tours of the Island
                             • Transfer service for Trekking
• Services accompanying invited to weddings and ceremonies


The car rental Consolo is available for transfers of Trekking. The service plans to accompany you in meeting places and pick you resume at the point of arrival.

On request, we are willing to provide a Guide that will make you enjoy every corner of our beautiful island!!


What our customers say?

Some of our customers love us and prove it!

Kindness, courtesy and punctuality are the distinguishing features of this car rental. The smile is home and free. They should all be so people who deal with this activity!


I used their service on the occasion of a marriage. I was among the guests, and the celebration planned to finish the night at the club, where you know ... sometimes "gets a little elbow" Well ... the couple have had the foresight to turn to this car rental and service left us all very happy. We were met at the restaurant, accompanied us in Disco.
At the appointed time they have come to take us back to Hotel, nice service, safe and useful! Well done !!!


The Car rental Consolo is located in Pantelleria

The car rental is in two places in Pantelleria, a comfortable desk in the airport, to meet the needs of those arriving by plane, and an equally comfortable office present in the center of Pantelleria, near the Castle.

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